we all bleed the same colour

Brisbane, Australia
I ruin everything. I think that a bullet must have passed through my heart when I was very young, causing me to bleed out slowly, over things and people and every white surface that I’d ever come across.
- Jennifer Elisabeth, Introduction to the Born Ready book (via quotes-shape-us)

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I want alcohol so strong, that it burns your name out of my throat.
- it’s a sad life  (via skullmates)

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Blood bounces quite strikingly on snow not only because of the obvious color/contrast discrepancy, but the large difference in temperatures.

Another post to add to the list of “I swear I’m not a serial killer, just a writer”

I’m not even a writer and this is awesome. 

I’m not even a serial killer and I love this

I’m a serial killer and I love this.

U deserve a nice boy who texts u back and buys u tacos and doesn’t kiss other girls behind ur back and who makes u laugh and thinks ur funny

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